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School Life

Schools are places where memories are made, cherished for life, and often recalled during special, happy moments of our lives. Each day spent in school brings something new – new learning, new achievements, new experiences – that have an everlasting influence in our lives. The lessons we learn, the games we play, and the friends whose company we keep – all go into the making of what we are. This is why Cambridge International School Dasuya focuses on the whole child – each aspect of a child’s life – and not just academic excellence, so that every impression it leaves on the psyche of the child is positive, edifying, and helpful in building a bright future. We lay the foundation stones of our children’s lives, guiding and shaping them gently but firmly, and equipping them with the means to thrive in a fast changing world. We wouldn’t be exaggerating when say that theschool life has never been so pleasant and so fulfilling as we have made it.

Accreditation and Affiliations