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Vasal Educational Society is committed to a strong tradition of excellence. Our mission is to provide high quality education to all our students encouraging them to value and respect themselves, while learning to understand, appreciate and accept differences in others.

Our faculty works as a collaborative team and creates an optimum environment where students can learn together and support each other. Students will be guided firmly, but with kindness and impartiality. We foster a love of learning in an innovative, cooperative space which empowers all students to be competent, caring and responsible citizens.

We see ourselves as builders of the future and want each child to embrace the love, fulfillment and value of good education. Our mission is to create and nurture an environment which is orderly, safe, and stimulates academic excellence.


We are committed to advancing our standing as a leading provider of quality education in India. We seek to further our reputation for excellent scholarship and high quality education to make a difference in the lives of our students and their families.

Our students strive for the highest possible standards of achievement and character. We train children to develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually in order to prepare them for a fast changing world. We will actively advance the welfare of our school communities and aspire to become leaders of change in both academic as well as management practices.

Our vision is to create school communities offering high quality education where children participate, excel and are proud of their achievements. We are united in our purpose to touch the lives of all our students, and through them, their families and the greater community.

Core Values

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