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CISD has given a concrete shape to the ideal of a ‘home away from home’ through its hostel located within its premises. The hostel is a four story building with temperature controlled living rooms that accommodate four students each, with ample storage space, study tables and chairs, and other amenities. In addition, it has an entertainment room where children watch TV, play outdoor games and interact with each other in the allotted time. It also has a gymnasium and facilities for indoor games including table tennis, where students sweat it out to keep in shape, and a computer room with broad band internet connection where students carry out research for their project works.

We ensure that the atmosphere in the hostel does not pressurize students, as hostel is the home for them and constant pressure at home can kill the lively spirit of learning. Instead, we carefully maintain a delicate balance of freedom and discipline that allows children’s natural talent to flourish. To remove the possibility of developing a sense of alienation, they are allowed to visit their home once a month. Besides, outdoor trips and excursions are a regular feature for them.

The boarders at CISD get a privileged treatment in other ways as well. They are constantly mentored by resident teachers in their academics through morning and evening preps and preparatory tests before formal examinations. We maintain a teacher-student ratio of 1:2 for our boarders which would be impossible to even think of elsewhere. Besides, the whole sports infrastructure of the school is available to them where they play the games of their choice in the allotted time.

Located within the campus with 24 hour security, our hostel provides a completely safe living space to students. To take care of their health, we have a qualified doctor who visits the hostel twice a week and is available 24 hours for any emergency. Boarders are supervised by the warden and the resident teachers taking care of their every need.

Currently, the CISD hostel accommodates 54 students and,as of now, it is available only for boys.

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