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“Value-laden, outcome based learning” Education is changing today faster than any time in memory. This is attributed to the global economic competition and rapid technical advancements. It is the aim of VASAL Educational Society to impart “Value-laden, outcome based learning” to equip young impressionable minds to fulfill their dreams. In order to achieve this, we draw upon the best educational practices world-wide and create an ambience for the children to imbibe Indian values. Being a doctor, I strongly believe that “a secure, healthy environment supporting physical activity, healthy eating, and emotional well-being needs to be created alongside academics. Academic achievement cannot happen without these. ” The outcome that we envision will be a group of young individuals that will be healthy of mind and body, well-learned, well equipped, and poised to create and take advantage of opportunities that will enable them to be in the vanguard of the next generation. This is extremely important especially in the context of the significant role that India is playing in the changing world order. We promise to do that is all in our might to ensure physical, ethical and spiritual well being of all our students along with ensuring their intellectual development. Our schools served as the path for a new generation of leaders that will blaze a trail in the future years!

Dr. R.K. Vasal
Vice President, Vasal Educational Society

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